Who or what is basa

The website

The website basa.nl is a personal, non-commercial website. It is created and maintained by Bas A. (basa), since 2001. It's purpose is:

  • to provide a central location for people to find and contact me,
  • to publish product pages for projects that are available to everyone,
  • to publish my résumé, and
  • to have a place to publish some of my thoughts about the world, in a blog.

The goal is to do all this, without offering vital organs to big tech. This resulted in setting up a small web publishing 'framework', but it was worth it.

The ownership, copyright, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cookie policy are all consolidated in one legal page.

The person

Bas A. is a human being, which is not always true for content creators nowadays. The best way to distinguish content made by people from content made by machines, is to look for signs of common sense and a sense of humor (at the time of writing).

I work in the human oriented side of IT, focussing on what IT should achieve, for whom, and most importantly: why. It's all about asking the right questions. As Pablo Picasso once said of computers: They are useless. They can only give you answers.. Find out more about my work in my résumé.

In my spare time, I occasionally create solutions for problems, that not many people seem to have, weirdly.


Do not hesitate to ask questions, or provide feedback, about anything on this website. Contact basa at basa.nl/contact.