Privacy policy

Rules for basa.

Collected data

When you visit, basa does not collect your data.

The hosting provider of this domain logs every visit to every URL, including your IP address and 'User Agent', and makes those logs available to basa.

Data handling

When you contact basa via, the Dutch AVG regulations apply. Your e-mail messages are possibly stored forever. The purpose of storing your messages is to (re)read them and to be able to reply to them. Your messages are not published. If you want, you can request the messages basa has stored from you (based on your e-mail address). If you want, you can ask basa to remove your messages.

The data you produce are not shared with third parties.

Quo Vadis?

When you use the 'Quo Vadis?' add-on (, it does not collect your data. The add-on has a separate privacy policy (, as required by Mozilla since december 2021.