Quo Vadis?

is a Firefox add-on that reveals what a shortened URL is hiding. It shows you where you would go if you clicked on an obscure or cryptic link; without clicking it. It has been available since 2012. Version 2.0.7 was released in January 2022.


Shortened URLs such as ow.ly/8Pqgo or bit.ly/3yuZeRo are not transparent: you cannot see where they lead. Moreover, many shortened URLs do not lead directly to their final destination but use even less transparent detours. So I made 'Quo Vadis?'.

Quo Vadis? shows each step in the chain of redirects: where the found link redirects to, where the redirected link redirects to, and so on, up to and including the final page. It can handle all HTTP- and HTML-redirects.


The result of Quo Vadis? looks like this:

Example 1 Example 2


When will this help you? If you are curious. If you don't want to blindly click on an obscure link. If you want to see if your internet traffic is conducted completely over secure connections. If you want to discover all intermediaries that collect statistics about your click behaviour. Or all of the above.


Add this add-on to your browser via addons.mozilla.org.

In Firefox, select 'Quo Vadis?' from the context menu of a link. The add-on will then display a list, with the URL you encountered, the URL being redirected to, and so on, up to the last URL. You can copy any URL if you want. Of course you can also click on any of the listed URLs (for example the last one). When the last URL does not produce an error (200 OK), it will turn green. If a URL returns an error (such as 404 Not Found), it will turn orange. A circular referral turns red.

The add-on relies entirely on the browser's internal capabilities. No external resources are used.


The 'Quo Vadis?' add-on is free of charge. It nevertheless respects your privacy.
The source code is available under the 2-Clause BSD License.